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Samyang Biopharm Held Samyang Discovery Center Opening Symposium Print
Affiliates Samyang Biopharm Writer administrator Hits 2824 Date 2017.07.07

▲ Samyang Biopharm held Samyang Discovery Center Opening Symposium on July 7.


▲ Chairman Kim Yoon looking around the medicine exhibition booth at the symposium


▲ Samyang Biopharm CEO Eom Tae-ung delivering a welcoming speech


▲ CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Hyunjung Helen Lee introducing R&D of Samyang Biopharm


▲ Professor John Bell (University of Ottawa) giving a lecture at Samyang Discovery Center Opening Symposium


On July 7, Samyang Biopharm (CEO: Eom Tae-ung) held a symposium entitled “New Trends of Chemotherapy” in Samyang Discovery Center Auditorium. The symposium was held to commemorate the completion of Samyang Discovery Center. In this symposium, Samyang Biopharm shared the latest trends of research on anticancer drugs with noted Korean and foreign experts and encouraged exchange between participants. As many as 200 people including Korean and foreign researchers, entrepreneurs, and heads of associations relating to chemotherapy participated in the event composed of the official event and the symposium. In the official event, Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association Chairman Won Hee-mok and Chair-Professor Kim Sung-wan (University of Utah) celebrated the opening of the symposium delivered a congratulatory speech. In addition, Professor Kim Yong-man from Asan Medical Center announced the clinical results of Genexol® PM of Samyang Biopharm.

During the symposium, attendees published the results of recent research on immune checkpoint inhibitors, which are the most noteworthy anticancer drug these days, and development of anticancer drugs using viruses. In addition, Professor Bang Yung-jue (Seoul National University), Professor John Bell (University of Ottawa), Professor Omid C. Farokhzad (Harvard University), and Professor Dennis Discher (University of Pennsylvania) attracted attention of visitors by giving a presentation under the theme of “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Gastrointestinal Cancers”, “Oncolytic Virus Combination Therapy Approaches”, “Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy and Immune Tolerance : From Bench to the Clinic”, and “Interactions of Drug Delivery System with Macrophages as a Foundation for Engineered Macrophage Anti-Cancer Therapy”, respectively.

In the welcoming speech, Samyang Biopharm CEO Eom Tae-ung said, “Samyang Biopharm will realize C&D through communication with outside experts. We will make efforts so that Samyang Biopharm can become an R&D hub leading the chemotherapy trends in the future.”

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