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Samyang Corporation Launched TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide with the Highest Dietary Fiber Content in Korea Print
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삼On the 11th, Samyang Corporation announced that it launched TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide with highest dietary fiber content in Korea.

Samyang launched two types of oligosaccharide products: TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 40 and TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 30 for Cooking. TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 40 and TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 30 for Cooking have a dietary fiber content of 40% and 30%, which are the highest levels in Korea.

An official from Samyang Corporation said, “As a result of our consumer survey, we found that consumers select oligosaccharide products based on the dietary fiber content. To satisfy consumer needs, we developed the oligosaccharide products with the highest dietary fiber content in Korea using our separation and refinement technology.”

TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 40 is made from 100% fructo oligosaccharide. This product has a 40% dietary fiber content (40g per 100g) and its calories are 41% lower than sugar..

TRUSWEET Oligosaccharide 30 is made from 75% fructo-oligosaccharide and 25% sugar for cooking. This product is applicable to various kinds of cooking such as stir-frying and stewing. It has 30% dietary fiber content and its calories are 35% lower than sugar.

TRUSWEET is Samyang Corporation Q1’s premium sugar brand newly launched in April. Under the brand name TRUSWEET, Samyang Corporation has launched TRUSWEET Allulose and TRUSWEET Allulose Oligosaccharide which have the similar sweetness as sugar and lower calories (than other sugar for cooking/oligosaccharide products of Samyang Corporation), and TRUSWEET Xylose Sugar which lowers the absorption of sugar by inhibiting sucrase.

An official from Samyang Corporation said, “As more and more people care about their health, these products are expected to attract their attention and interest. We will aggressively promote TRUSWEET as a sugar brand that can help maintain your health while enjoying the same sweetness.”

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