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Chairman Kim Yoon Attended the Appointment Ceremony of the 6th Parang Manito Print
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On September 18, Chairman Kim Yoon attended the appointment ceremony of the 6th Parang Manito held in the auditorium of Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office as the chairman of Youth Hope Foundation. Parang Manito, sponsored by Youth Hope Foundation, is a one-on-one mentoring program between teenagers feeling lost and adult mentors. Parang Manito is provided to help students adjust to their daily lives and executives and employees of Samyang Group are actively taking part in the program. As many as 90 people including nine employees of Samyang Group who will participate in Parang Manito as mentors, college students, and officials at the prosecutors’ office attended this event. The program consisted of Chairman Kim Yoon’s Introductory Greetings, Introduction of Parang Manito Activities, Sharing of Excellent Mentoring Cases, and Presentation of Letters of Appointment, etc.

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