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Publication of 「Samyang 90 Years」 Print
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▲「Samyang 90 Years introduces the history of Samyang that dates back to its establishment in 1924 to its current status as of 2014 in two volumes.


Samyang Group published Samyang 90 Years, a book that introduces the group’s history dating back to its establishment in 1924. Samyang 90 Years comes in two books with a total of 800 pages. The first book, Group History, focuses on how the company developed alongside the rise of the Korean economy. The book also encompasses the founding philosophy and management ideology of Sudang Yeon-su Kim. The second book, Business History, covers the history and current status of Samyang’s businesses and introduces the company through its challenges and pursuit of innovation that occupy its history and its journey towards becoming a century-old company. Samyang Group is also planning on publishing a 260-page volume of abbreviated history in Korean and English around October.  


Chairman Yoon Kim stressed, “Samyang is facing a huge change in this business paradigm as it stands at the brink of becoming a century-old company. We must reflect on our founder’s admirable spirit when he planted a small seed of hope called Samyang in the dreary and depressed economic climate of 1920.” He then added, “Let’s transcend the success of yesterday to open up a better tomorrow by looking back on the company’s history through Samyang 90 Years. 

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