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Samyang Corporation Q One Sangkwaehwan’s New TV Commercial is On Air Print
Affiliates Samyang Corp Writer administrator Hits 3578 Date 2016.10.01

▲ A new TV commercial for Q One Sangkwaehwan is now being aired with Hyeri as the new model.


Since October 1st, a new TV Commercial for Q One Sangkwaehwan of Samyang Corporation (CEO: Sung-hwan Moon) has been aired with Hye-ri representing as the new model. Following the ‘Lovely While Drunk’ episode that was on air in June, the ‘While You Were Asleep’ episode features Hye-ri, currently one of the most popular celebrities nationwide, worrying about her boyfriend’s hangover in the character of a warm-hearted girlfriend that she played in the popular soap opera, Reply 1988.


The new episode, ‘While You Were Asleep’ starts with a scene where Hye-ri is looking at her boyfriend who is asleep after heavy drinking and saying, “You are drunk again”. Hye-ri looks at him sympathetically and says, “You drank more than usual today.” Then, she gives him Sangkwaehwan and tells him, “Tomorrow, you will feel totally refreshed without any hangover”. The closing copy of the commercial, “I am your Sangkwaehwan!” fittingly coincides with the bubbly and down-to-earth image of Hye-ri with the new packaging of ‘Sangkwaehwan’.


The sales revenue of Q One Sangkwaehwan is now seeing a rapid growth of 140% in the 3rd quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of the previous year.


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