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Celebratory Hiking for Samyang’s 92nd Anniversary Print
Affiliates Samyang Group Writer administrator Hits 3464 Date 2016.10.07

“A century-old company is just around the corner”


▲ Prior to the celebratory hike for the company’s 92nd anniversary, Chairman Yoon Kim (Third row, center)
and employees pose together for a photo.


On October 7th, 190 executives and employees of Samyang Group, including Chairman Yoon Kim, hiked Hyangjeokbong Peak of Deogyusan Mountain to celebrate the company’s 92nd anniversary. This is the 9th hiking event held since climbing Cheonggyesan Mountain in 2007. The group set off from the head office of Samyang Group at 6:30 am and began their hike at 10 am. They climbed 10km over a period of 6 hours while following a course that took them to Samgong Visitor Center, Baengnyeonsa Temple, Hyangjeokbong Peak, Seolcheonbong Peak and Muju Resort. After the hike, the group held a commemorative event at a nearby restaurant which involved a rice cake cutting ceremony.


Chairman Yoon Kim said during the commemoration, “Becoming a century-year-old company is just around the corner for us” and added, “Our status after eight years will greatly depend on what we do, how we begin, and prepare for the huge paradigm shift of the fourth industrial revolution.”

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