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Samyang Data Systems, signed MOU with DevStack Print
Affiliates Samyang Data Systems Writer administrator Hits 3760 Date 2016.10.13

▲ Samyang Data Systems concluded an MOU with a cloud-specialized company, DevStack, on October 13th.


On October 13th, Samyang Data Systems (CEO: Sang-hoon Park) formed a strategic partnership with a cloud-specialized company, DevStack, in order to engage in the open stack-based private cloud sector. Samyang Data Systems will be in charge of system integration, sales and marketing, while DevStack will provide core technology for the cloud service for this partnership. In addition, Samyang Data Systems is planning to launch ‘Private Cloud as a Service’ that enables users to experience the open stack-based private automation service based on DevStack’s own IT.


On the other hand, Samyang Data Systems is promoting a project that converts the current system of Samyang Group into a private cloud system. Samyang Data Systems is also planning to actively advance into the 1 trillion KRW domestic cloud market by launching the hybrid cloud management solution they are currently developing in the first half of next year. 

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