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Samyang Biopharm’s designation as an ATC (Advanced Technology Center) Print
Affiliates Samyang Biopharm Writer administrator Hits 3988 Date 2016.10.25

▲ Tae-Ung Eom, CEO of Samyang Biopharm (second row, 6th from the right), poses for a commemorative
photo at the ‘Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Award Ceremony’ on October 25th.


Samyang Biopharm (CEO: Tae-Ung Eom) was designated as an Advanced Technology Center at the ‘Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Award Ceremony’ held on October 25th. The ATC project is promoted to financially support and develop research centers of promising small and medium enterprises into globally renowned research centers. During the ceremony, 46 companies were selected as ATCs.


300 representatives including CEO Tae-Ung Eom of Samyang Biopharm, Chairman Cheol Lee of ATC Association, and Vice Minister Man-ki Jeong of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy attended the award ceremony which consisted of presenting ATC designations and plaques. 

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