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Samyang F&B Opens Renewed Seven Springs Black Jamwon Store Print
Affiliates Samyang Corp Writer administrator Hits 2626 Date 2016.12.20

▲ Seven Springs Jamwon store operated by Samyang F&B was renewed into Seven Springs Black.


Seven Springs Jamwon Store, a salad and grill restaurant operated by Samyang F&B, was renewed into Seven Springs Black and newly opened on December 20.


Seven Springs Black is the premium brand of Seven Springs and its restaurants are designed with the concept of "gourmet buffet & pub" in which customers can enjoy 25 kinds of beers with meals.


The newly opened Jamwon store is the second Seven Springs Black store following the Gwanghwamun store renewed last August. Jamwon store selected an industrial style reminiscent of the British Industrial Revolution era by reproducing a train station with a clock tower at the entrance and applying a rough finish in the interior design. There is also a private space for 12 people and a small banquet. There are a total of 214 and 5 rooms.

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