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Samyang Group Participates in Beautiful Bundle Sharing 2017 Print
Affiliates Samyang Group Writer administrator Hits 5817 Date 2017.01.22

▲About 60 Samyang Group employees and their families pose for a commemorative photo at the Beautiful Bundle Sharing 2017 Campaign.


About 60 employees of Samyang Group and their families participated in the Beautiful Bundle Sharing 2017 held on January 22 at the Beautiful Store Janghanpyeong Branch. On that day, 2,500 Q1 sugar products were also delivered to the store to be included in donation boxes for neighbors in need. The Beautiful Bundle Sharing is an annual volunteer event for delivering necessities such as rice, soap, toothpaste and sugar to single-parent families, grandparents-grandchildren families, the elderly living alone and other neglected neighbors to share warm hearts with them ahead of Lunar New Year's Day. Since 2005, Samyang Group has participated in this campaign and delivered daily necessities to a total of 700 households.

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