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Samyang Corporation Launches Two Allulose products in Trusweet line Print
Affiliates Samyang Group Writer administrator Hits 2439 Date 2017.04.05

Through leveraging the next-generation sweetener, allulose, Samyang Corporation's introduces Trusweet Allulose and Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharides, which are lower in calories than conventional liquid sugar.


Trusweet Allulose, which is made from's unique enzyme technology, contains 99.1% of allulose. Its calories are lowered to one-tenth of that of the existing sweetener products of the company. Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharide contains 60% of allulose and 39.4% of fructooligosaccharides, which has half the calories of the existing oligosaccharide products of the company. Allulose has a sweetness close to that of sugar (70% sweetness of sugar) but 0 kcal per 1g. In particular, Trusweet Allulose uses high-sweetening agents derived from stevia leaves, distinguishing it from other similar products.




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