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Samyang Group’s “Briquettes of Love” Community Outreach Program


- Samyang employees and their families deliver 10,000 briquettes to the underprivileged


On January 11, Samyang Group (Yoon Kim, Chairman & CEO) participated in their community outreach program, Briquettes of Love, in Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul. Sixty Samyang employees and their family members volunteered to assist the less fortunate in keeping warm for the winter and delivered 10,000 coal briquettes to the elderly and disabled.


Among the volunteers were nineteen new graduate employees, delivering briquettes door-to-door alongside fellow senior employees. The new recruits had been undergoing training at the Samyang Group Training Institute in Daejeon and this volunteer work was their first taste of reaching out to their communities.


Recent college graduate and new Samyang employee Byeong-su Lee said, "It was a rewarding experience knowing that our neighbors will be able to spend this winter just a little bit more comfortable through our modest efforts." He continued, "I will do my best to help those around me as a proud member of Samyang."


A Samyang Group official who organized the volunteer activities said, "I became involved to help members of our community who are less fortunate than others. I'm determined to embrace our social responsibilities and strive to create a better community."


This year marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of Samyang Group. As a gesture of appreciation and a reflection of their longevity, Samyang has continued to help the underprivileged through various community outreach programs including Blood Drive of Love, Home Repair of Love, and Sharing Care Packages in addition to the recent Briquettes of Love.

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