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“Delivered 700 mil. won to 178 high school and college students”


▲  Scholarship awardees and foundation chairman Kim Sang-ho pose together.


The Yangyoung and Sudang Foundation held the 2015 scholarship award ceremony at the group’s headquarters building auditorium on February 13.


The two foundations delivered a total of 700 million won to 178 students (85 college and 93 high school students) selected from 23 educational institutions.


The awardees were selected from a pool of those recommended by schools based on both merit and need.


At the venue of the award ceremony, Seoul National University vice president Kim Jong-suh held a session with the awardees to tell them about his own experience as a student.


The Yangyoung Foundation, Korea’s first private scholarship foundation established in 1939, was founded by founder and former chairman Kim Yeon-su. The Sudang Foundation was established in 1968 by the founder and his children. The two foundations have so far disbursed scholarships to more than 20,000 students, with research funding for more than 600 professors and university researchers. The Sudang Foundation gives a total of 300 million won in award money to 3 scholars in the areas of basic science, applied science, and social science and humanties.

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