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Leaping forward to become a global pharmaceutical specialist company

Samyang Biopharm Pharmaceutical/Bio Business Division is one of the three major growth engines of Samyang Group, together with the chemical and foodstuff divisions. As such, the company has been investing over 30% of its annual sales into R&D since 1995, when it entered the pharmaceutical/bio businesses, thus developing DDS and other new drug technologies, as well as new formulae. It has developed and is currently selling anti-cancer drugs such as Genexol® and Nanoxel®M, the smoking cessation patch NicoStop®, and biodegradable sutures such as Trisorb® and Monosorb®.

In particular, the anti-cancer drugs Genexol®PM and Nanoxel®PM, adopting the research institute's self-developed technology DDS, show excellent efficacies, such as reduced adverse effects. Our biodegradable sutures are the world's third-developed items of their kind and are exported to 130 clients in 80 countries. Samyang Biopharm is currently constructing a pharmaceutical/bio R&D center on a 1,750-pyeong area in the Pangyo new town's Techno Valley, with an investment of KRW150 billion. This center will be Samyang Biopharm's research hub and will drive it to become a global pharmaceutical company.

Furthermore, in recognition of its R&D investment and technology, Samyang Biopharm was certified as an innovative pharmaceutical company by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2012. We endeavor to continuously research on, develop, and sell drugs and medical devices that promote good human health and that enrich the quality of human life. By so doing, we vow to become a company that can be completely trusted by our customers, an innovative company pioneering new values, and a company that fosters talents, and to grow as a global pharmaceutical company.

About Samyang Biopharm
Samyang Biopharm CI
CEO Taeung Eom
Inception October 2011
Address #295 Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel. 02-2157-9111