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Samyang Research

Global growth in the bio and drug division

Samyang Research Corporation (SRC), a subsidiary of Samyang Biopharm, was established in 2002 in Utah, USA, to enter the overseas pharmaceutical/bio businesses. Networking with U.S. drug/bio and biotechnology-related pharmaceutical firms, venture firms, research institutes, hospitals, and universities, SRC not only gathers relevant information but also pursues diverse projects designed to introduce technologies and products, and to conduct joint research. In addition, it pushes to export Samyang Biopharm’s own DDS not only to North America, including USA, but also to South America.

About Samyang Research Center
Inception April 2002
Address 405 Lexington Ave, 35th Floor(The Chrysler Bldg.), New York, N.Y. 10174, USA
Tel. 001-1-212-972-0011